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The original rental cabins, and the ones that still stand here today along the Rio Ruidoso, were built in 1924. To say that they were rustic is an understatment. We found one photo, on the back of which was written - "VERY casual. Decorated in early Goodwill and garage sales."

We fell in love with Ruidoso after looking around to start a new life and get away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California. We had never seen the inside of Ruidoso Lodge Cabins until arriving here in June 1993, just drove by thinking how sad it looked. But we could visualize the potential and bought the place. At that point it wasy still very rustic. Dirty and dusty. Dark and scary (that's what attempting to light an entire cabin with 25 watt bulbs will do for you). The first summer we kept wondering why there was a peculiar odor coming from one of the cabins. Come to find out, the bathtub wasn't connected to any plumbing at all - just draining thru a hole in the floor onto a pile of old pillows and insulation some previous owner happily thought would mop us the mess. Don't worry, we rectified the situation immediately.

At one point we started feeding hummingbirds. Hundreds of them. Every cabin had a feeder and there were a dozen feeders on the cabin where we lived. We went through over 100 pounds of sugar. The last thing we did at night and first thing we did in the morning was to fill those feeders. And constantly throughout the day. It became an impossible job after the bears starting coming around at night onto the porches and knocking down the feeders for some syrupy goodness.

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We still love Ruidoso. Hiking the beautiful trails and skiing. The weather is unmatched - not too cold in the winter nor hot in the summer. Gorgeous blue skies and a ponderosa forest. When we have a moment to kick back it's usually with a glass of wine sitting down at the river. We've tried to create a retreat couples can come and find romance for the first time or rekindle it. Our goal is to make this a romantic get-a-way. Quiet and private.

Ruidoso Lodge Cabins has been here for almost a hundred years. But it's never been more beautiful than it is right now - with the same scenic beauty enjoyed by generations combined with modern comforts such as in-room whirlpool, flat-screen TV and wi-fi. Come on up and visit us and make it a part of your personal history. We know you'll be glad you did.

Mark & July Nettles, Owners, Ruidoso Lodge Cabins
Ruidoso Lodge Cabins
300 Main Road
Ruidoso, NM   88345


All cabins are
no smoking, no pets.