Pillow’s Funtrackers in Ruidoso, NM

Known all over the Southwest, Pillow’s Funtrackers in Ruidoso, NM is a family fun center that promises hours of outdoor activities and enjoyment. For over twenty years, Pillow’s Funtrackers has provided entertainment for families. From go carts to miniature golf, there is something for everyone.

Pricing and Hours

The attractions at Pillow’s Funtrackers are ticket-based, meaning that you’ll need to purchase a ticket each time you want to do that activity. Here is a short summary of the price breakdown:

Most activities cost 1 ticket per person or $7
Panning for Gemstones costs $10
There is a $100 package giving you 20 tickets

All tickets are available at the ticket office at the East end of the parking lot.

Due to the fact that most of the activities are outdoor-centric, there is a lot of fluctuation in the hours of operation for this fun center. You can see the detailed calendar information on their website. 

Go Karts

If there were a premier activity at Pillow’s, it would be the Go Karts. The park includes three Go Kart tracks, targeting different demographics:
  • The Turtle Track, for children over 3 and able to reach the pedals
  • The Fun Track, for drivers over 16 that meet the height requirements
  • The Pro Track, a challenging track for drivers over 16.
Each track costs one ticket for a five minute ride. It should be noted that the Fun Track does have double cars, which allow for a passenger who meets the height requirements to ride along with the driver and may require their own ticket to ride. The center takes safety seriously and asks that all drivers obey all rules of the track.

Bumper Cars and Boats

For those who love bumper cars, there are two variations of this iconic ride. The indoor version is the Spin Zone, an indoor, advanced version of the traditional bumper car model that allows lots of spinning during the ride.
The outdoor version comes in the form of bumper boats. During the ride, the boats can maneuver around a beautiful pond. Each boat comes with a water cannon, making for a great way to beat the summer heat.
Colorful bumper boats floating on a turquoise water surface.

Miniature Golf

Pillow’s Funtrackers offers an 18-hole miniature golf course with beautiful landscaping at one ticket per person. There is a discounted ticket cost for children aged three to five. There are also Novelty balls that are available for purchase.

Mountain Maze

This attraction is a giant, human maze that allows visitors to visit four checkpoints that can help your way out. A unique thing about this attraction is that one child four and under is allowed free onto the ride with an adult who has paid admission.

Arkadia VR

One of the newest attractions to the fun center is Arkadia VR, which allows up to six simultaneous visitors aged 7 and older to play from a selection of virtual reality games. Players can select which game they wish to play by looking at the overhead screens.

Panning for Gemstones

This attraction allows visitors of all ages to search for and keep valuable stones in a water sluice. Panning for Gemstones is unique as it is the most expensive attraction. For those who purchased a discount pack of tickets, two tickets are required per person. This attraction is closed during the winter months once the temperature reaches the freezing point.

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