Casino Apache

A good travel stop can be refreshing for any kind of trip or vacation where driving plays a major role. Lucky for you, a top tier travel station is located near Ruidoso, a place that attracts both tourists and locals alike: The Casino Apache Travel Center.

What is the Casino Apache Travel Center?

Located on the Mescalero Apache Reservation, the Casino Apache near Ruidoso offers just about everything a traveler needs to rest and refuel. It also offers some of the best options for nighttime activities and entertainment in the area. The Casino Apache is run by the Mescalero Apache tribe, and the staff have long had a reputation for being helpful and friendly. Due to the sheer amount of options this center provides, feel free to refer to this guide or to their website to help determine which activities and services are best suited for your stay in Ruidoso.

Convenience Store

Casino Apache boasts a large convenience store that is stocked with a plethora of snacks, drinks, and on-the-go items. In addition, the property also has a full-service truck stop and offers discount fuel prices. If you are looking to give your vehicle a little TLC, Casino Apache in Ruidoso offers a 24-hour Soft Touch car wash that offers quality cleaning at affordable prices.


Casino Apache is a staple among locals and for good reason. They offer an impressive selection of gaming, including:
  • Penny Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Three-Card Poker
The casino also offers a Sportsbook, allowing you to place bets on your favorite teams every week on Thursday to Monday. The Sportsbook features luxury loungers and numerous large-screen TVs, allowing you to enjoy your preferred sports games in style. Visitors can also consider joining the Casino Apache Spirit Club for additional perks and rewards. Please note that the casino only allows guests 21 and older to enter.

Red Hat Grille

Red Hat Grille is a newer addition to Casino Apache that has made a name for itself. The restaurant name is a reference to the Mescalero Apache Red Hats, a group of WWII veterans that began fighting wildfires in 1948. Their skills were quickly noticed and the firefighters helped combat fires across the country. The restaurant specializes in creating a memorable dining experience with meticulously crafted decor and a selection of unforgettable meals, including:
  • Southwest Phillies
  • Hot Roast Beef
  • Apache Tacos
  • All-Day Breakfast
  • Fresh Desserts
The Red Hat Grille is open all week long. You can view both their hours and menu online.

Inn of the Mountain Gods

It’s almost impossible to talk about the Casino Apache in Ruidoso without mentioning the Inn of the Mountain Gods. This hotel and casino is attached to the travel center and offers some of the most vibrant additions to the Ruidoso nightlife scene. The sheer amount of activities the Inn of the Mountain has to offer could fill its own guide, but here are a few of the options the locale has to offer:
  • Explore diverse, affordable meal options at The Market at the Mountain
  • Indulge in a night of cozy fine dining at the award-winning Wendell’s Steak & Seafood
  • Experience the Broken Arrow Tap House, a contemporary American gastro pub.
  • Enjoy periodic entertainment events, such as comedy shows, interactive dining experiences, concerts and more
  • Relax during a serene day of fishing on the shores of Lake Mescalero
The Inn of the Mountain Gods also offers more diverse gaming options than Casino Apache with a 45,000 square foot casino. From table games such as roulette and poker to an extensive selection of slot machines, there are plenty of options for entertainment. To find out more about these and other services, visit their website.

Book Your Dream Cabin

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